About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Baseceuticals, a division of Creative Biogene based in the United States, provides professional services and technical support to customers worldwide. As a global leader in the market, our goal is to continuously innovate and develop new technologies, services and platforms for researchers to help progress for people's health.

With years of experience and advanced technologies, Baseceuticals is proud to service global customers with satisfaction guaranteed. Our clients come from research institutes, government, pharmaceutical companies, diagnosis industries and testing laboratories.

What We Can Do

We are a comprehensive innovation-driven company dedicated to R&D and services. A series of preclinical trials and testing should be performed before clinical application and drug launches. Baseceuticals mainly targets on gene therapy to provide various services for researchers and institutes to develop new drugs. Our services can be grouped into genetic modification, gene delivery systems and preclinical trials, including gene editing, gene silencing, viral and non-viral gene delivery systems, pharmacological study, toxicological study and safety assessment.

Why Choose Us

  • Dedicated research team and experts, providing market-leading technologies.
  • Globally oriented services, respecting customers' needs, culture and identity.
  • High quality service guaranteed and cost-effective price.
  • Multiple service combinations, providing customized services according to the specific requirements.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you.