Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy

Gene therapy refers to the introduction of a foreign gene into a target cell to correct or compensate for the disease caused by defects and abnormal genes for therapeutic purpose. The three main forms of gene therapy are introducing the correct gene into the cell to replace the wrong mutant gene, repairing the wrong gene directly through gene editing, modifying the cells in vitro. The application of gene therapy is broad, with possible therapy of diseases caused by acquired genetic diseases such as cancers, recessive gene disorders such as muscular dystrophy, and certain viral infections such as AIDS.

In vivo and ex vivo gene therapy Fig.1 In vivo and ex vivo gene therapy

As a division of Creative Biogene, Baseceuticals relies on the generous technical strength and the research team to provide customers with a full range of gene therapy services for research, drug development and therapeutic applications. We have a leading position in the gene therapy industry with the advantage of professional experts, state-of-the-art technologies, and high-quality results. Our gene therapy services include genetic modification, gene delivery systems and preclinical trials.

Gene Therapy

Genetic Modification

Genetic modification services include gene editing and gene silencing. Gene editing is not only regarded as powerful tools for gene function study, but also provides new treatment options for life science. It has shown broad application prospects in the field of gene therapy. Gene silencing has also been proven the potentials for gene therapy applications, offering great promise for curing diseases and drug development. Baseceuticals possess sophisticated equipment and highly experienced staffs to perform genetic modification in an efficient and precise way.

Gene Therapy

Gene Delivery Systems

Gene delivery is an important step in gene therapy. It is the procedure of bringing in foreign genetic material into a host cell. Foreign genetic materials stay stable in the host cells with the integration of foreign genes into the genome or independent replication of it, meaning gene delivery successfully. Viral and non-viral vectors are the two categories of gene delivery systems. Baseceuticals has years of experience to offer you the high-quality service at the most competitive price, totally satisfy the requirements and budgets in the exploration of gene delivery.

Gene Therapy

Preclinical Trials

A large amount of studies are in progress to investigate gene therapy as a treatment for genetic conditions or cancers. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a series of preclinical trials and testing before clinical application and drug launches. Our preclinical trials include pharmacological study, toxicological study and safety assessment which are backed by the professional team, first class technologies and advanced facilities. At Baseceuticals, multiple assays and animal models are available to help you move the project forward smoothly.

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