Adenovirus Vector Service

Adenovirus Vector Service

As a leading biotech company, Baseceuticals is proud to provide adenovirus vector service to the customers worldwide. We possess the professional staffs who have years of experience in adenovirus vectors for gene delivery applications. Based on the mature platform and advanced technologies, we have completed numerous projects that related to adenovirus vectors, including adenovirus vector design and construction, adenovirus and recombinant adenovirus vector packaging according to the diverse needs. We are dedicated to utilize the latest technology to service our customers for speeding up the project in gene therapy.

Adenovirus has gotten huge attention as an effective gene delivery vector. Adenovirus (Ad) is a non-enveloped, linear double-stranded DNA virus with an average viron size of 70–90 nm and 57 identified human Ad serotypes. Ad serotypes can be further separated into six subgroups, which result in a broad range of therapeutic candidate viruses.

Adenovirus structure and genome organizationFig. 1 Adenovirus structure and genome organization

Adenovirus vectors have significant advantages compared with other viral gene delivery systems. They have the infective capability for most cell types such as mammalian cell lines or primary cells, regardless dividing and non-dividing cells, with approximately 100% efficiency. In addition, replication-incompetent adenovirus vectors do not integrate the host genome, enjoy large packaging capacity (~ 7.5 kb) and high transgene expression. These advantages make adenovirus vectors widely used in gene therapy trials. At present, adenoviruses have been employed in the commercial products Gendicine®.

Four commonly-used methods to generate and produce adenovirus vectors for gene delivery Fig. 2 Four commonly-used methods to generate and produce adenovirus vectors for gene delivery

Contents of Baseceuticals' Adenovirus Vector Service

  • Custom adenovirus vector design and construction

Custom adenovirus vector design and construction services are provided at reasonable prices in a short turnaround timeline, mainly containing highly repetitive sequences or large or toxic clones etc. 

  • Open reading frame (ORF) premade adenovirus vectors

Baseceuticals has pioneered the adenovirus shuttling vector system to easily-delivery ORFs into a large panel of destination vectors or recombined with a premade adenovirus vector (pAdV) for packaging.

  • Recombinant Adenovirus vectors packaging

Baseceuticals offers recombinant AdV packaging services. Transfecting the recombinant AdVs into cell lines and then further generate recombinant AdVs particles. The purification and titering are conducted by gradient ultracentrifugation and RT-qPCR methods. The final purified recombinant AdVs particles are packaging for in vitro or in vivo applications of gene therapy.


Adenovirus Vector Service

Features of Adenovirus Vector Service in Baseceuticals

  • 7*24 hour online for free consultation
  • Years of experience in adenovirus vector projects
  • High quality and reliable results
  • Fast turnaround time to strictly follow the timeline
  • Customized services according to the specific needs
  • Competitive price

As a premier company in gene therapy, Baseceuticals offers a one-stop service tailored to your gene delivery needs. At Baseceuticals, the adenovirus vector service begins with a free consultation. Our scientists will show the client feasible analysis result and propose the best strategy to meet your specific requirements. There is no doubt Baseceuticals will be the best partner during your research. For further information about adenovirus vector service, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to having cooperation with you.


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