Exosome Delivery Vehicles

Exosome Delivery Vehicles

Baseceuticals is the premier global biotech company which has the capacity to provide exosome service to the clients globally. Exosome as form of novel gene therapy has rapidly grown up and developed. With non-stop exploration of the latest technologies, we have developed an excellent platform for delivery systems. Numerous successful projects relied on our extensive experience and professional research team which guarantee the reliability and efficacy in all aspects of delivery systems. At Baseceuticals, we can totally satisfy your project requirements and budgets in the exploration of using exosome as delivery vehicles in drug development.

Gene therapy has become a promising way to treat diseases by delivering the genetic materials into host cells. The key to gene therapy is based on the safe and efficient gene delivery systems. Recent studies have demonstrated that exosomes can be used to deliver therapeutic cargo for treatment. Exosomes are nanoscale extracellular vesicles that can efficiently deliver different kinds of cargos such as lipids, DNA, RNA and protein to the target cells. The natural exosomes and those have been modified to advance the delivery ability have been widely used in gene therapy and drug delivery. They can transport drugs efficiently, which are easy to store and can reduce safety risks. In addition, exosomes show high stability in the blood and have a hydrophilic core that makes them suitable to host soluble drugs. Owing these characteristics, exosomes have positioned to be a widespread tool for gene therapy and drug delivery.

A schematic summary of recent advances in the development of exosome delivery systemFig. 1 A schematic summary of recent advances in the development of exosome delivery system

Exosome Delivery Vehicle Service Provided by Baseceuticals

  • Exosome isolation
  • Exosome purification
  • Exosome characterization
  • Exosome quantification
  • Exosome profiling
  • Exosome engineering
  • Custom exosome service

Features for Exosome Delivery Vehicles at Baseceuticals

  • Professional research team with diverse background
  • Extensive experience in exosome delivery vehicles for drug development
  • Mature and excellent platform to ensure the reliable results
  • Custom strategies according to the specific needs
  • Competitive price

Baseceuticals is the global company to provide professional and comprehensive exosome related service for accelerating drug development. At Baseceuticals, with talented expert team and years of experience in this area, we ensure you standard workflow and high-quality results. We are able to propose the individual solution for customers to meet the specific requirements. Simply let us know your specific project needs and we will propose the best strategy for you. For further information about exosome delivery vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


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