Gene Delivery Systems

Gene Delivery Systems

Baseceuticals is a leading biotechnology company offering the best gene delivery services for global customers based on our advanced technologies and excellent experiment platform. The key to success of gene therapy is to establish safe and efficient gene delivery systems. At Baseceuticals, one-stop viral and non-viral gene delivery services are available to meet the various demands. We will work closely with you to propose the best strategy to greatly assist customers in gene therapy and drug development.

Baseceuticals is focusing on establishing high efficiency gene delivery systems for gene therapy. The following provides a brief overview for viral and non-viral gene delivery systems.

Gene Delivery Systems

Viral Gene Delivery Systems

Viral-mediated gene delivery systems are composed of viruses that are modified to be unable to replicate, but which can deliver DNA for expression. Viral gene delivery systems have the advantages of high efficiency and constant expression. Baseceuticals provides multiple viral vectors such as adeno-associated viruses, adenoviruses, retroviruses, and lentiviruses for viral gene delivery systems.

Gene Delivery Systems

Non-Viral Gene Delivery Systems

Non-viral vector is another category gene delivery system. Baseceuticals has been put significant effort in the field to develop non-viral delivery systems that transfects with low cost and safety, including but not limit to naked DNA, liposome-mediated gene delivery and exosome-based delivery systems.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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