Genetic Modification

Genetic Modification

Baseceuticals has a leading position in gene therapy based on the first-class services. Gene therapy involves the replacement or modification of genes to restore or improve cellular functions. We possess state-of-the-art facilities and technologies to perform genetic modification. In addition, we deploy a powerful and mature experimental platform to help you every step of the way with innovative and efficient solutions in the genetic modification workflow. Baseceuticals is your reliable partner to help you move forward the project successfully.

Baseceuticals mainly provides gene editing and gene silencing services for genetic modification.

Genetic Modification

Gene Editing

Gene editing refers to the insertion, deletion, modification or replacement of DNA in the genome of a living organism. At Baseceuticals, we have developed the advanced technologies to edit genome in an efficient and precise way by using ZFN, TALEN and CRISPR/Cas9. We provide one-stop service from experimental design to validation, and the services are backed up by technical expertise and extensive experience. The gene editing technology is a promising method in gene therapy to achieve the therapeutic effect by editing genome precisely.

Genetic Modification

Gene Silencing

Gene silencing is the regulation of gene expression in cells to prevent the certain gene expression. Gene silencing plays an important role in gene therapy, suppressing the expression of harmful genes to achieve the purpose of treating diseases. Baseceuticals provides RNAi service and antisense oligonucleotide service for global customers with fast turnaround time and the affordable price to meet the exact requirement of the projects.

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