Genetic Toxicology Studies

Genetic Toxicology Studies

As a best-known provider of toxicological study and safety assessment service, Baseceuticals is proud to offer comprehensive genetic toxicology studies to global customers. Our genetic toxicology studies are backed by years of experience, outstanding facilities and state-of-the-art technologies. Professionals of our research team and the high-quality of the results are the guarantee of our first-class service. For more than decades, we have worked with a wide range of projects about genetic toxicology, including propose the best strategies and carry out the tests to meet the specific demands of the projects. Our mission is to move your project forward and save your time.

Determining the potential genotoxicity of different categories of chemicals and drugs is an important step for safety evaluation. Genetic toxicology studies are performed to analyze the potential of test compounds to induce genetic mutations or chromosomal damage. This information is of significance and composes a necessary part of preclinical studies. Performing early on genetic toxicology studies can help to determine if further drug development is still needed or what additional assays are required for investigation and characterization. Baseceuticals performs in vitro and in vivo genetic toxicology studies based on standard screening and regulatory tests to accelerate the chemicals or drugs into the market.

Genetic Toxicology Studied Provided by Baseceuticals

In vitro genetic toxicological studies

  • Ames test (bacterial reverse mutation assay)
  • Mammalian cell mutation test
  • Mammalian chromosome aberration test
  • Mammalian micronucleus assay
  • Mouse lymphoma gene mutation test

In vivo genetic toxicology studies

  • Bone marrow chromosome aberration
  • Erythrocyte micronucleus test

Possible results observed with both in vivo (A-C) and in vitro (D-M) micronucleus assay Fig.1 Possible results observed with both in vivo (A-C) and in vitro (D-M) micronucleus assay

Our Advantages of Genetic Toxicology Studies

  • Specific project analysis with best solutions
  • Years of experience in genetic toxicology studies
  • Excellent platform, advanced equipment and technologies
  • Professional scientific staffs to ensure reliable results
  • A variety of tests for genetic toxicology studies
  • Strictly follow the rules and regulations for the drug development
  • Customized genetic toxicology studies based on your requirements
  • High-quality results provided in the shortest period
  • Competitive price

As a premier company in toxicological study and safety assessment, Baseceuticals offers multiple genetic toxicology tests required for new drugs or compounds. With years of experience, our experts perform these studies with high-efficiency and high-quality, ensuring every step is well-organized and arranged. Our responsible staffs will follow the entire process and solve the possible problems quickly. Special emphasis on the protocols in our studies are strictly followed the related guidelines that prepared for FDA regulatory submissions. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for genetic toxicology studies to meet your research needs. Baseceuticals is your trustworthy partner during your research. For more information, please feel free to contact us at .


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