Immunotoxicity Studies

Immunotoxicity Studies

As a global leader in toxicology study and safety assessment, Baseceuticals is dedicated to provide a variety of immunotoxicity studies to customers worldwide. Based on the excellent platform, advanced technologies and sophisticated facilities, our professional research teams have succeeded in various immunotoxicity projects with high-quality. At Baseceuticals, we take the time to analyze every case and propose the best strategies to ensure your satisfaction. Our talented scientists and staffs who have years of experience will work closely with you, assisting to reduce your workload and speed up the progress of your project for drug development.

Immunotoxicity refers to the adverse effects on the function of local and systemic immune systems caused by exposure to toxic substances, including food additives, products used in the pharmaceutical, farming, chemical, etc. Because the drugs or chemicals can trigger adverse reaction in the patients, the need to perform the immunotoxicity study is becoming more and more significant during the preclinical stage. Immunotoxicity studies are designed to investigate the immune response and hypersensitivity by using rodent models, mammalian cells, and other methods. Combing the know-how and experience, Baseceuticals is specialized in immunotoxicity studies to reduce the potential risk during the drug discovery and development. Multiple immunoassays are available to help you solve the challenges of the immunotoxicity.

Immunotoxicity Studies Provided by Baseceuticals

  • Immunogenicity assay
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Protein toxicokinetics
  • Anti-drug antibody monitoring
  • Neutralizing antibody assay
  • Cytokine quantitation
  • Natural killer cell activity assay
  • Macrophage functional assay
  • T-Cell dependent antibody responses (TDAR)

KLH-specific antibody response in dogs Fig.1 KLH-specific antibody response in dogs

Our Our Advantages of Immunotoxicity Studies

  • 7 * 24 hours online consultation
  • Years of experience in immunotoxicity projects
  • Leading-edge equipment and best-in-class technologies
  • Multiple assays for immunotoxicity studies to meet the various requirements
  • Technical support solve the possible problems at any time
  • Fast turnaround time with reliable results
  • Competitive price with satisfaction guaranteed

Baseceuticals is dedicated to assist you in utilizing immunutoxicity studies on finishing your projects. With continuous exploration of new technologies, we have developed an excellent and powerful platform for multiple assays about immunotoxicity studies. We have confidence in offering our clients high-quality and reliable immunotoxicity studies with faster turnaround time and the most competitive price. There is no doubt Baseceuticals will be the best partner for your research all the time. Let us know what you need about immunotoxicity studies, please do not hesitate to contact us at . We are looking forward to discussing the details with you.


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