In Vitro Pharmacology Services

In Vitro Pharmacology Services

As a leading provider of pharmacological study, Baseceuticals is proud to provide in vitro pharmacology services to the global customers. With non-stop exploration of technology, we have developed an excellent platform for pharmacological study. At Baseceuticals, a complete range of in vitro pharmacology services are available to support your study guidelines and preclinical studies. Depending on the state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies, our staffs have years of experience of working with in vitro pharmacology of customers' satisfaction. Together with our expertise within drug discovery and development, we help you to design and perform the most optimal in vitro pharmacology studies, accelerating the project progress.

The launch of a pharmaceutical is a complex process that involves multiple assays and tests. The pharmacology study is the major part for preclinical trials according to the FDA guidance. In vitro pharmacology is to investigate the biological effects of drugs through cell lines and widely used in the drug discovery and development, and preclinical trials. During the lead optimization phase of drug discovery, in vitro pharmacology is one of the mainly approaches to generate high-quality information precisely and timely, allowing researchers to identify drug candidates that will enter into the preclinical trials. At the preclinical stage, in vitro pharmacology can be used to gain data on the safety and toxicity of drug candidates, determine potential adverse effects and assess the potency and efficacy of drug candidates against the targeted diseases. At Baseceuticals, we provide a comprehensive selection of services to support customer demands of in vitro pharmacology. Except for verifying the potency of the candidates, assays are also available for selectivity screening and activity profiling. In addition, customized services are available to meet specific requirements.

In vitro pharmacology was used to assess the (a) endothelin-1 and (b) sarafotoxin 6c-induced contractions in the left internal mammary artery from patients with (n=34) and without (n=21) hypertension. Fig.1 In vitro pharmacology was used to assess the (a) endothelin-1 and (b) sarafotoxin 6c-induced contractions in the left internal mammary artery from patients with (n=34) and without (n=21) hypertension.

Features of In Vitro Pharmacology Services at Baseceuticals

  • Professional scientists with deep pharmacological expertise
  • Extensive experience in in vitro pharmacology studies
  • Multiple assays are available to meet your diverse needs
  • Fast turnaround time with high quality results
  • Integrated safety and efficacy capabilities
  • Competitive price
  • In vitro pharmacology services with customization

Baseceuticals is a premier biotechnology company to offer comprehensive in vitro pharmacology services based on the excellent platform. Our professional researchers are dedicated to developing innovative technologies for in vitro pharmacology services, ensuring our services with high standard and high quality at the most competitive price. The exceptional team of scientists have designed and performed in vitro pharmacological testing on numerous projects, enabling our clients to quickly meet their product development goals. When you cooperate with us, you could count on personalized one-on-one services of in vitro pharmacology services. We are pleased to provide assistance in every way we can. For further information about in vitro pharmacology services, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


  1. Nilsson, D., Wackenfors, A., Gustafsson, L., Edvinsson, L., Paulsson, P., Ingemansson, R., & Malmsjö, M. (2007). Increased ETA and ETB receptor contraction in the left internal mammary artery from patients with hypertension. Journal of Human Hypertension, 22(3), 226–229.
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