In Vivo Pharmacology Services

In Vivo Pharmacology Services

Baseceuticals is a global biotechnology company offering the high quality in vivo pharmacology services to the clients worldwide. Based on the complete experimental platform and advanced technologies, we have confidence to provide comprehensive in vivo pharmacology services at the fast turnaround time and the competitive price. With various disease models developed in the past decade, our professional team is capable of supporting various drug discovery projects. We provide multiple services not only in the selection of appropriate animal models of disease, but also in the design and development of new animal disease models to the meet the specific demands. Our mission is to help customers speed up the project progress for the drug launches.

Generally, the component of an Investigational New Drug (IND) application should contain information about GLP-compliant pharmacological studies (in vivo and in vitro). In vivo models are widely used to investigate the physiological effects of NCE or large particle. Testing drug candidates in animal models is essential procedure of drug discovery to comprehend the candidate action in the whole organism, beginning from bioavailability, passing efficacy in disease models and to possible toxicity of the compounds themselves or their metabolites.

At Baseceuticals, our professional team has rich experience in preclinical drug development. We offer comprehensive in vivo pharmacology services involving the design, validate, perform and analyze animal efficacy studies for the drug candidates, helping you accelerate drug launches. Our services include but not limit to

  • Testing different types of pharmacologically active compounds
  • Dosing through general administration routes
  • Collecting biological fluids for in vivo evaluation
  • Performing necropsies and tissue collection for histopathology, IHC, gene expression and blood chemistry
  • Custom tailored services

In addition, we provide help for choosing the suitable animal models in accordance with the need and design new animal disease models. Some disease models are listed below:

Diabetes / Metabolic Syndrome Models

  • Induced models: STZ mice/rats, DIO mice/rat
  • Genetic models: ob/ob mice, db/db mice, Zucker/ZDF rat


  • In vivo models: immunodeficient mice

In vivo pharmacology of perphenazine and thioridazine. Fig. 1 In vivo pharmacology of perphenazine and thioridazine.

Why Choose In Vivo Pharmacology Services in Baseceuticals

  • 7*24 hours online with free consultation
  • Highly professional scientists with extensive pharmaceutical and biotechnology backgrounds
  • Years of experience for in vivo pharmacology studies
  • Develop multiple animal models and design the new models according to the need
  • Follow the highest standards of animal welfare to implement animal experiments
  • Compliance with all related regulations
  • High quality services at the most competitive price

Baseceuticals is the premier company to provide professional and comprehensive in vivo pharmacology services. Baseceuticals' in vivo pharmacology team is composed of highly experienced researchers with strong backgrounds in drug discovery and wealthy expertise in diverse disease models across therapeutic field. We have state-of-the art animal facilities and all experimental process involving animals have been performed strictly followed the related rules and regulations. Basecueticals offers in vivo pharmacology services in accordance with specific requirements, supporting the drug discovery needs on flexible basis. If you have any additional requirements or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, our staffs are more than happy to assist you in every way we can.


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