Liposome-Mediated Gene Delivery

Liposome-Mediated Gene Delivery

Baseceuticals is a global company offering the best liposome-mediated gene delivery service to the customers. We have focused on the research and development of liposome technology for years and finished diverse projects with high quality and high efficiency. Our reputable services have relied on our state-of-the-art technologies and advanced facilities which ensure every aspect of liposome services. Our global scientists, with expertise across a variety of therapeutic areas, are dedicated to helping your project move faster and solve your challenges. We will work closely with you to improve the gene delivery efficiency and accelerate the drug development.

Gene therapy is a therapeutic method that delivers genetic material into cells with the purpose of correcting the function. One important goal of gene therapy is to deliver the sufficient amount of genetic materials into the correct target sites in a safe and efficient way. During the past years, liposomes have become a promising way of gene delivery system, progressing from research to clinical trials. The well-designed liposomal systems may lead to optimized gene transfection especially in vivo. The success of liposome-mediated gene delivery is due to the extraordinary advantages such as low immunogenic response, large capacity of loading DNA and increase the stability of DNA. Based on these characteristics, liposomes have been utilized in gene therapy to treat diseases such as cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, immune system deficiencies. Since the first liposomal pharmaceutical product Doxil® was approved in 1995, there are several commercial liposomal-drug formulations on the current market for treatment.

At Basecuetials, our excellent scientists are developing the multiple liposomes for gene delivery. We provide liposome-based vector engineering and custom services to clients. Our liposome-mediated gene delivery service includes but not limit to

  • Liposome engineering
  • Custom liposome service
  • Liposome properties analysis
  • Ligands design for covalent attachments

Schematic presentation of the liposome and its various loci for applications in deliveryFig. 1 Schematic presentation of the liposome and its various loci for applications in delivery

Benefits for Liposome-Mediated Gene Delivery at Baseceuticals

  • Quick feedbacks based on 7*24 hours online
  • Years of experience in gene delivery
  • Technical expertise and advanced facilities
  • Reliable results and quick turnaround times
  • Custom solutions to meet all of your needs
  • A cost-effective way

Baseceuticals is dedicated to assist you in utilizing liposome-mediated gene delivery for promoting your project forward. At Baseceuticals, with talented expert team and extensive experience in liposomes, we ensure you efficient standard workflow and high-quality results. Specializing in both standard and custom services, we are focused on providing our clients cost- effective and flexible solutions with fast turnaround time. If you are interested in the liposome-mediated gene delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to provide assistance in every way we can.


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