Naked DNA Service

Naked DNA Service

As a top-ranking service provider in the delivery systems, Baseceuticals is focusing on developing the latest technologies to provide naked DNA service for gene therapy. Based on the state-of-the-art facilities and excellent platform, we provide custom services with top-quality and efficiency to meet clients' specific requirement. Our research team is consisted of dedicated experts with more than ten years of experience, serving you with the broadest and deepest bench of professionals in gene therapy industry. We will work with you closely to assist you in accelerating gene therapy progress by using naked DNA as delivery vectors.

Gene therapy is a promising new approach that uses sections of DNA to introduce genetic material into target cells for treating many serious diseases. The gene delivery system is an important component of gene therapy that used viral and non-viral vectors to deliver genetic information. Naked DNA is one of the vectors that belongs to the non-viral gene delivery system. The naked DNA is a free DNA without surrounding protein or lipids. Injecting the naked DNA into the local tissues is the simplest and safest way of gene delivery. It may be an effective option for gene therapy in the future due to its inherent simplicity and easily produced in bacteria. On the other hand, naked DNA delivery is much safer for both recipients and the environment compared to the viral vectors. The naked DNA mediated gene therapy is an in vivo approach of gene application which can deliver the gene into the skin, cardiac muscle and thymus. In addition, it is able to penetrate in the muscle and liver cell straightly.

The differences in the cellular effect of viral vs. naked DNA vectors Fig. 1 The differences in the cellular effect of viral vs. naked DNA vectors

Why Choose Naked DNA Service at Baseceuticals

  • Free consultation and make analysis of every project
  • Extensive experience in naked DNA as the delivery vector
  • Make sure every step is well arranged with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Fast turnaround time to strictly follow the timeline
  • Custom service
  • Reasonable price with the high quality service

Baseceuticals is the premier global biotech company which has the confidence to provide naked DNA service to the global customers. Our custom naked DNA service begins with free consultation in which we will run a feasibility analysis for each case. We guarantee our clients the most reliable and efficient service to best match the requirements at the faster turnaround time and lower price. Our mission is to help you move forward your project in the gene therapy field. For more information, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


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