Non-Viral Gene Delivery Systems

Non-Viral Gene Delivery Systems

As a premier global biotech company, Baseceuticals provides non-viral vectors mediated gene delivery service for our customers. We have assembled a professional research team of wealth knowledge of gene therapy based on the years of experience, providing multiple non-viral vectors for gene delivery with high quality and reliable results. Relying on Baseceuticals' proprietary technologies and mature platform, multiple non-viral methods such as naked DNA, liposomes and exosomes are available for gene delivery systems to meet the various needs. Baseceuticals is engaged in working with you to help you choose the appropriate non-viral vectors and design a detailed solution, expediting your process of project or drug development.

Gene therapy is the procedure of introducing foreign genomic materials into host cells to produce therapeutic effects. Efficient and safe gene delivery systems are important aspects for successful gene therapy. Gene delivery systems include viral vectors and non-viral vectors. Compared to the viral gene delivery systems, non-viral gene delivery systems have the advantages of low cost, safer, less induction of immune system and no limitation in size of transgenic DNA, making them attract much more attentions of gene therapy partners from research and clinical fields. Nowadays, non-viral gene delivery systems have resulted in a growing number of related products entering into clinical trials.

Fig.1 Barriers to successful in vivo  delivery of nucleic acids using non-viral vectorsFig.1 Barriers to successful in vivo delivery of nucleic acids using non-viral vectors

Our non-viral gene delivery systems include naked DNA delivery, liposome-mediated gene delivery and exosome-based delivery systems. The following table illustrates the widely used non-viral vectors for gene delivery.

CategorySystem for gene delivery
Inorganic particlesCalcium phosphate
Synthetic or natural biodegradable particles

Polymeric-based non-viral vectors


Cationic lipid-based non-viral vectors

Cationic liposomes
Cationic emulsions
Solid lipid nanoparticles

Peptide-based non-viral vectors

Other peptides to functionalize other delivery systems: SAP

Our Advantages

  • High-quality and reliable results
  • Customized and one-stop service to meet the various needs
  • Years of experience in gene delivery systems
  • Professional research team
  • Timely feedbacks about the project progress
  • Cost-effective

Baseceuticals is pioneering in the development and manufacture of non-viral gene delivery vehicles. We have been devoting to improving the efficiency of non-viral vectors for gene delivery system by optimizing the structures and characteristics. We offer one-stop services for the non-viral vehicles from selection, development for gene delivery. Simply let us know the specific needs and we will propose the best strategy for you. For further information, please feel free to contact us at .


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For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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