Pharmacological Study

Pharmacological Study

Baseceuticals is a worldwide biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating development of gene therapy through high quality service, innovation and professionalism. Based on the professional teams and excellent platform, we provide comprehensive pharmacological study services to global customers. Over the past decade, our experienced researchers are focusing on the development of technologies to track the up-to-date techniques. Multiple services are available for pharmacological study with high quality and the most competitive price to meet the diverse requirements. Our scientists will work with you closely to help you achieve your research goals.

For the past many years, Baseceuticals has been developing technologies and providing services for drug research by pharmacological studies, including:

In Vitro Pharmacology Service

In vitro pharmacology is to investigate the biological effects of a drug in cell lines or tissues. The advantage is to remove the physiological effects of the whole organism to take a comprehensive analysis of the compound's impact. Baseceuticals provides multiple in vitro services for pharmacological studies with high quality to meet the various needs. Our talented research team will offer you satisfactory results to help you study a range of pharmacological side at a relatively lower price.

In Vivo Pharmacology Service

In vivo pharmacology is the study of the biological effects of a pharmaceutical in living organisms and is used to observe the physiological effects of a drug. Animal models are widely used in the evaluation of novel pharmaceuticals to observe the physiological effects of a new chemical entity or large molecules. With years of experience, Baseceuticals has established a variety of animal disease models for pharmacology study to evaluate the effects of novel pharmaceuticals. Our professional staffs will assist customers to select the appropriate animal models and species, as well as establishing new animal disease models to meet the particular demands of customers in the drug development.

Fig.1  Genetic animal models in Parkinson disease (PD)Fig.1 Genetic animal models in Parkinson disease (PD)

Advantages of Pharmacological Study

  • Professional scientists and experienced operators
  • Multiple assays and animal models are available to meet your diverse needs
  • Excellent experimental platform
  • Reliable results with short turnaround time
  • Follow-up the entire process with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Provide customized services

Baseceuticals has a leading position in preclinical trials to provide professional and comprehensive pharmacological studies. With the state-of-the-art facilities and mature platform, we are dedicated to staying abreast of the most advanced techniques to make sure trustworthy results. Based on your demands, we will propose the individual strategies after analyzing the project. We have confidence in providing you with high-quality pharmacological study services to complete your interesting projects. For more details, please feel free to contact us at .


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