Preclinical Trials

Preclinical Trials

As a global leader in gene therapy, Baseceuticals is proud to provide multiple preclinical trials to global customers. Our researchers have extensive experience and are knowledgeable in the gene therapy development, understanding the current scientific and regulatory challenges. We comply with all GLP, GMP, and GCP guidelines to preform preclinical trials before entering into the clinical trials and drug launches. We employ the principles of design excellence to offer preclinical trials that consistently address customer needs throughout every stage of development.

At Basecueticals, preclinical trials mainly include pharmacological study, toxicological study and safety assessment.

Preclinical Trials

Pharmacological Study

The pharmacological study is of great significance in determining drugs' effects. The pharmacological testing services allow us to predict biological effects of new molecular entities. Baseceuticals is offering in vitro pharmacology service and in vivo pharmacology service from initial pharmacological screening to animal studies. Our diverse assays and models are available to accelerate the candidate development.

Preclinical Trials

Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment

Toxicology studies are used to determine the toxicity profile of drugs by identifying its effect on organ structure or functionality. Our toxicological study and safety assessment services include general toxicology studies, genetic toxicology studies, immunotoxicity studies and safety pharmacology. Through our toxicological study and safety assessment, we help customers to maximize safety and minimize risk, accelerating drug launches.

For research use only. Not intended for any clinical use.

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