Retroviral Vector Service

Retroviral Vector Service

Baseceuticals is a leading gene delivery service provider that offers comprehensive retroviral vector service to global customers. We continue to develop robust and scalable process strategies for retroviral vector design, construction and packaging. We have standard approaches and years of experience to support our retroviral vector service for gene therapy. The research team will work closely with you to meet your various requirements. Our goal is to deliver customers' satisfactory service in a cost effective and timely manner for clinical trials and drug development.

Retroviral vector-mediated gene delivery has been central to the development of gene therapy. Retrovirus has a 7 to 10 kb single stranded RNA genome with long-inverted terminal repeats (LTRs) on both ends, and flanked by retroviral genes like group-specific antigen (gag), polymerase (pol) and envelope (env) codes. Retroviral vector is the priority for permanent gene delivery among viral vectors. The retroviral vector strategy is highlighted by various major advantages including easy manipulation for insertion of the therapeutic gene, the integration of the gene of interest into chromosomes and stable expression. Retroviral vector-mediated gene delivery has broad applications in cell and gene therapy. Owning to the abilities of permanent genetic modification and stable transgene expression, retroviral vectors have been selected for clinical trials and certain commercial applications, such as Kymriah® and Yescarta® with γ-RVs for CAR-T therapy.

Production of recombinant retroviral particles and infection of a target cellFig. 1 Production of recombinant retroviral particles and infection of a target cell

Contents of Retroviral Vector Service in Baseceuticals

  • Custom retroviral vector design and construction

Baseceuticals furnishes custom retroviral vector design and construction service with a quick-turnaround time at a justifiable expense. We have confidence to deal with clones with high guanine-cytosine content or highly repetitive sequences, and large or toxic clones etc.

  • Recombinant retroviral vector packaging

Baseceuticals provides the recombinant retroviral vectors packaging services according to your specific requirements. Genomes are engineered modified with therapeutic genetic cargos and delivered into the packaging cell lines, which are involved in retroviral protein expressions, producing retroviral particles. After sucrose gradient ultracentrifugation and RT-qPCR-determined titering, retroviral particles are ready-to-use for in vitro or in vivo gene therapy applications.


Retroviral Vector Service

Why Choose Retroviral Vector Service in Baseceuticals

  • Quick response for the inquiry
  • Reputable with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Mature platform, advanced equipment and technologies
  • Extensive experience and expertise
  • Reliable results provided in the shortest period
  • One stop retroviral vector service
  • Competitive price

Baseceuticals is the premier company to provide professional and comprehensive retroviral vector service with the customers' satisfaction. Our success has come from the extensive experience and expertise gained as a solution provider for gene therapy. The excellent researchers have succeeded in numerous retroviral vector projects and are dedicated to providing complete solutions to help you every step of the way. There is no doubt that Baseceuticals is your reliable partner. If you have questions about retroviral vector service, please do not hesitate to contact us at .


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