Safety Pharmacology Service

Safety Pharmacology Service

Baseceuticals is the premier global biotech company which has the capacity to provide the best safety pharmacology service to the customers worldwide. Relying on the mature platform and state-of-the-art facilities, our scientists have completed numerous projects that related to safety pharmacology. With years of experience, we have developed multiple assays for the evaluation of potential risk of drug candidates. Baseceuticals has confidence to offer the high-quality and comprehensive safety pharmacology service with the most competitive price. We are engaged in working with you to propose the best strategy that meets your specific needs and accelerate your process of projects.

Safety pharmacology uses the basic standards of pharmacology to generate data during the regulatory-driven process. It is used to inform the risk assessment, characterizing the PK/PD relationship of adverse drug reactions. One reason for failed drug development is the lack of clinical safety test of the drug candidates, the off-target effects of the drug candidates will cause adverse drug reactions. Safety pharmacology is an important step in an IND program to assess the potential off-target effects on main organ systems and life-threatening risks prior to human use. Safety pharmacology testing is a must prior to carry out the Phase I human clinical trials. Baseceuticals experts are dedicated to perform safety pharmacology testing to help in alleviation potential risk of drugs, eventually saving time in the preclinical phase of drug development.

Integration of in vitro safety pharmacology profiling in the drug discovery process Fig.1 Integration of in vitro safety pharmacology profiling in the drug discovery process

Safety Pharmacology Service Provided by Baseceuticals

Safety pharmacology core battery services

1. Central nervous system studies

  • Functional observation battery (FOB)
  • Irwin test

2. Cardiovascular system studies

  • In conscious or anesthetized animals: blood pressure, heart rate, electrocardiograms (ECGs)
  • In vitro hERG assays
  • Purkinje studies

3. Respiratory system studies

  • Plethysmography: respiratory rate, tidal volume, and minute volume

Supplemental safety pharmacology service

1. Renal/Urinary system studies: osmolality, pH, urinary volume, fluid/electrolyte balance
2. Gastrointestinal system studies: gastric secretion, gastrointestinal injury potential

Our Features of Safety Pharmacology Service

  • Online consultation anytime and quick response
  • Years of experience in safety pharmacology service
  • Excellent and mature platform and advanced facilities
  • International (FDA, ICH) technical standards
  • Customized project design to meet the specific needs  
  • Fast turnaround time with reliable results
  • Reasonable price with high quality services

Baseceuticals is the premier company to provide professional and comprehensive safety pharmacology service. We are dedicated to adopt international (FDA, ICH) technical standards and utilize the latest technology to service our customers with satisfaction guaranteed. Our researchers will follow the entire the process once the project starts to ensure every step is well organized. We will design and adjust the research plan according to your needs. There is no doubt we are the best partner of your research. If you have additional requirements or questions about safety pharmacology service, please feel free to contact us at . We are looking forward to cooperating with you.


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