Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment

Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment

Baseceuticals is a leading biotechnology company offering the best toxicological study and safety assessment services. Based on our outstanding platform, we are devoted to providing multiple services with reliable results and short turnaround time. With passionate teams, talented researchers, advanced facilities and state-of-the-arts technologies, we are engaged in working with you to propose the suitable strategies that meet your specific needs. The mission of Baseceuticals is to help you move forward your projects and raising the visibility of the research.

Generally, an evaluation of the safety of pharmaceutical agents in the preclinical stage is from the initial physical and chemical characterization of compounds to complex series of animal toxicity studies. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) indicates that it is important to screen new compounds for toxicity potential in animals before entering into clinical trials. Toxicology study is to investigate the adverse effects of chemical substances on living organisms, including toxins and toxicants' effects. The toxicity of compounds can be investigated by in vitro studies through cell lines and in vivo exposure on experimental animals. Preclinical toxicological studies on diverse biological organisms reflect the species, organ and does-specific toxic effects of the target products, providing information for clinical trials and drug approval. At Baseceuticals, we have years of experience in providing toxicological study and safety assessment that meet the specifications of the FDA, ICH through the GLP-certificated equipment.

Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment

Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment Provided:

  • General toxicology studies

We assist our customers to perform preclinical, GLP-compliant, general toxicology studies to assess the safety of new drug candidates. This procedure adheres to regulatory requirements for clinical trials or marketing authorization. Our general toxicology studies include toxicity dose determination and acute, sub-acute, chronic and sub-chronic toxicology studies in rodent and non-rodent models.

  • Genetic toxicology studies

Genetic toxicology studies are performed to evaluate the potential for induction of genetic mutations or chromosomal damage. It is necessary to take genetic toxicity testing for all categories of chemicals and drugs. Our genetic toxicology studies consist of in vitro and in vivo assays that meet ICH or OECD requirements.

  • Immunotoxicity studies

Immunotoxicity studies are performed to determine the adverse effects of biotherapeutics on the immune systems. It is a necessary part for safety assessment of drug candidates to reduce the potential risk. We integrate immunotoxicology expertise and experience to provide standard or custom immunoassays, complying with GLP regulations.

  • Safety pharmacology service

Safety pharmacology assessment is an important procedure to evaluate acute and potential risks of novel drug candidates as the proportion of an IND-enabling program. Experts in Baseceuticals are dedicated to offer safety pharmacology assessment to assist in the alleviation of risk, progressing from discovery through ICH.

Advantages of Toxicological Study and Safety Assessment at Baseceuticals

  • Fast response to request and continuous communication
  • Comprehensive and mature platform for gene therapy
  • Advanced technologies and standardized operation
  • On-time reporting to meet your timeline
  • Customize toxicological study service with professional experimental design capabilities
  • Competitive price

Baseceuticals is the premier company to perform the comprehensive and professional toxicological study and safety assessment services for partners across the pharmaceutical and academic research field. We have years of experience in toxicological studies to meet your particular needs and increase the value of your research projects. Our team will ensure the high-quality services with prompt feedback on every step, providing reliable results in a fast turnaround time. If you have some questions about the toxicological study and safety assessment services, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to cooperating with your attractive projects.

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