ZFN Service

ZFN Service

As a world-renowned biotechnology company, Baseceuticals provides zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN) service for our global clients, especially those who are currently working on gene therapy field. We build up an excellent and efficient gene editing system based on our advanced techniques and rich experience. We provide customers with one-stop ZFN services, covering from donor design, vector construction, stable cell line generation and target validation. Importantly, we offer high quality and reliable services by enabling any site-specific genome editing without introducing foreign DNA. We will work closely with you to help you move forward your project, achieving gene editing in an efficient and precise way.

Zinc-finger nuclease (ZFN) technology is a prominent tool in the field of genome editing, which is widely used in gene functional analysis, expression manipulation, cellular/animal disease modeling, drug target screening and cell/gene therapies. Zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) are a kind of engineered DNA-binding proteins that combine the non-specific cleavage domain (N) of FokI endonuclease with zinc finger protein (ZFP). It can achieve highly specific targeted genome editing by causing double-stranded breaks in DNA at the specific locations. This mechanism depends on the binding of two DNA domains for cleavage, therefore, a strict level of specificity and precision can be achieved. It is reported that ZFN-induced DSBs could be used to modify the genome through either NHEJ or HDR and this technology has subsequently been used to successfully modify genes in human somatic and pluripotent stem cells. For gene therapy, ZFN provides a great method for targeted delivery of the therapeutic genes to a pre-selected chromosomal site to achieve correction.

Schematic of ZFN-induced DSB Fig. 1 Schematic of ZFN-induced DSB

ZFN Service Provided by Baseceuticals

  • Donor design and construction service

We provide a variety of customized plasmid vectors, such as ZFN-FokI expression plasmids and donor plasmids, to specifically edit the gene of interest.

  • Target validation service

A series of assays are available to evaluate the editing efficiency and off-target effect.

  • Stable cell line engineering service

We provide stable cell line engineering service by creating a variety of cell banks of monoclonal stable cell lines with ZFN-mediated genome modifications. Importantly, we guarantee the high editing efficiency in mRNA and protein level.

  • Custom animal models service

We utilize ZFNs technology to generate custom editing animal models for global clients. It plays a key role in gene function research, cancer research and drug discovery.

Advantages of ZFN Service in Baseceuticals

  • Professional and highly experienced research team
  • Rapid design, assembly, and validation of a ZFN pair targeting gene of interest
  • Conduct genetic modifications in any cell line or organism of your choice
  • Cost-effective, high specificity and efficiency
  • Fast turnaround time with reliable results
  • One-stop services with satisfaction guaranteed
  • Custom ZFN projects based on the specific requirements

As a premier company, Baseceuticals has confidence in offering you with the affordable ZFN service with great specificity, accuracy and efficiency to accomplish your attractive projects. Based on our efficient systems and complete procedures, our services totally fulfill the timeline of clients with satisfaction guaranteed. Our scientists have years of experience and wealthy expertise to design the best strategy to meet the specific demands of ZFN projects. In addition, multiple validated pair of ZFNs that have been custom designed and assembled are available to edit target genes in a specific way. For more information, please contact us at any time. If you cannot find what you want, please feel free to contact us at .


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