Genetic Modificaton

Industry insights to drive your genetic modification solution forward.

Genetic modification is the procedure of altering the genetic makeup of an organism. Baseceuticals has sophisticated equipment and highly experienced staffs to perform genetic modification in an efficient and precise way.

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Gene Delivery Systems

High efficient gene delivery systems accelerate gene therapy process.

Gene delivery systems are categorized as viral-based and non-viral-based systems. Baseceuticals has years of experience to totally satisfy the requirements and budgets in the exploration of gene delivery.

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Preclinical Trials

Strategies matched to your specific needs.

Preclinical studies refer to the testing of a drug and procedure in animals before clinical stage. At Baseceuticals, multiple assays and animal models are available to help you move the project forward smoothly.

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Hot Spot

The latest trend in gene therapy

Baseceuticals is a leading company that focusing on using advanced technologies to solve the hot spot issues in gene therapy field.

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